Items of Legend

Various legends exist in the realm that speak of powerful magical items. From remnants of the disaster to expertly crafted items made by the most powerful sorcerers the land has ever known, the legends may be true or false, the items may exist or not. The only way to know for sure is to find out firsthand.

The Cards of Legend: Crafted by a draconic sorcerer long ago as a prank, the cards of legend are cards that carry immense power within them. The four decks of cards, Bones Shields Crowns and Bridges, consist of eight cards apiece. The location of some of the cards are well known while others are believed to be lost forever.


The Shifter’s Cage: Long ago, when the land was whole, a shifter roamed the bountiful landscape causing endless mischief with his mirthful prankster personality. One day he happened upon a blacksmith hard at work, and began to wreck havoc with his pranks. Unable to catch the Shifter, the blacksmith crafted a set of armor and tricked him into wearing it. Upon adorning the armor, the Shifter found no matter what he tried, he could not rid himself of it.

Coin of the Dead: Little is known about this coin, save that it was supposedly once possessed by a powerful Lich.

The Instruments of Fate: A set of musical instruments supposedly played by the heralds of the gods. Some say that playing a single note upon one of the instruments will deafen your foes and shake the ground beneath their feet.

Milton’s Legacy: A true relic of legend, an item belonging to the Milton Sunburst of legend lies somewhere among the islands. None know exactly what the item is, though many believe it was what gave Milton the power to unite all the people of the land.

Items of Legend

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