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Welcome to the Nenyva: The Shattered Land wiki. Here is where you'll find all the information that would be either common knowledge to your character or knowledge easily obtained from the average NPC. These things include the general state of the world, common lores and legends, some history, and other assorted pieces of information.


Races of Nenyva
Racial Lore


The Human Empire
The Goliath Empire
The Dwarven Empire
The Dragon Born
The Kalashtar Ports


The Legend of Nenyva
Items of Legend
The Dwarven Artifacts


The Archipelago
The Archipelago Map


Religions In The Archipelago
Cults In The Archipelago

The following section will be a functioning list of current and completed quests for reference. They are intended to catalog information the characters know but the players might have been absent or absent minded for.

Current Quests:
The Hunt For Dragons

Completed Quests:
Get the locksmith’s tools to the Crimson Road Traders: Crimson Tools

Main Page

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